“Eindh Made” aims to build up an object production (both on a physical and intellectual point of view) that is closely linked to the locality. Therefore, every town would have a different small scale production that is materializing and communicating the identity of the place. In market terms this discipline is called “place branding”. Basically the object is embracing the social, economic and material connotation of a place. That will increase local economy and make people aware of what’s available around them. Every object will have a production manual that is documenting the history of the object, the current state, and the possible developments. Therefore, starting from the 1.0 version it will pass from hand to hand, building up a local production knowledge around the object in time.

I’m a 24 years old Italian designer currently finishing my master course in social design at the Design at the Design Academy in the Netherlands. My thesis project is called Superlocal and it is a development of the “Eindh Made” project. I’m interested in new production scenarios and in system design. Moreover, I’m very keen on crafts and digital manufacturing. At the moment I’m working between the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.