Fabricating the City through an AdHoc Platform

FabAthens is a platform for developing ad hoc city interventions in a continuous urban transformation. FabAthens is a productive and shareable by the citizens’ platform. It uses Urban Innovation Ecosystems as a tool and refers to Adhoc Tinguely’s NTUA workshops / courses for a modelization of its “from meta-mechanics to post-digital” dimension (https://metamechpostdigital.wordpress.com). It relates to the ad hoc conceived courses, as being the modelization of its “post-digital” dimension.

Urban Innovation Ecosystmems comprise localized small-scale innovations distributed in the urban field, which through their interconnection, accelerate strategies related to a Senseable, Creative, Productive contemporary city. The aspect of urban production is central in the research roadmap, rendering the transformation of Athens into a FAB CITY as an ultimate goal. Senseable City is equipped with intelligent systems, in order to collect urban data in real time, allowing open access for all users. Large sensor networks provide critical information about natural and built environment. Creative City promotes new types of synergies among users, local institutions, academia and businesses (4P: public-private-people partnership), aiming at innovation and knowledge creation. Productive City is a network of interconnected small-scale producers, applying open fabrication with the contribution of FabLab Athens (Cf HUM(erus), humerusrobot.wordpress.com).

The works we presented from Tinguely v.1 course of the School of Architecture NTUA dated from 2014. P. Vasilatos, A. Stavridou, and M. Papavasileiou participate also in the 2015 course.

Dimitris Papalexopoulos (b. 1953) is an architect, PhD, Professor at the School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA); Director of Architectural Technology Research Unit (ATRU) (atru.arch.ntua.gr/); and Director of FabLab Athens (fablabathens.gr/). He researches on interaction design, parametric design and building knowledge management. His post-graduate course on “Architecture and Information Technology” (since 1998) won prizes at international competitions and participated in international exhibitions and conferences. A redefinition of locality through IT is researched. At Archsign, his architectural work (archsign.gr) includes renovations and new buildings projects in the private and public sector. He is author of articles on architecture and IT, co-author (with Eleni Kalafati) of Takis Zenetos, Visioni digitali, architetture construite (EdilStampa, 2006) and author of Digital Regionalism (Libro, 2008). ntua.gr/archtech

Sonia Mavrommati is an architect – urbanist, Adjunct Professor at the School of Architecture, NTUA, researcher member of the Urban Environment Lab of NTUA, co-founder of Plane3 Architects και Desarch Architects.

Tatiana Chani lives and works in Athens, Greece. She holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering with specialization in Transportation Planning (NTUA, 2010) and MSc in Urban and Regional Planning (NTUA, 2012). Her interests are related to the impact of IT on urban space, the evolution of the city and the contemporary urban conditions.

Elena Antonopoulou is an Athens-based architect and researcher. After receiving her Master’s from the School of Architecture, NTUA (2008), she followed the interdisciplinary post-graduate NTUA programme Design, Space, Culture (2010). She is currently an NTUA PhD candidate and an IKY-Siemens scholar, investigating the notion of Commons in Architecture, while she tries to construct an analogy between the current hegemonic mode of immaterial production and the production of space.

Vassilis Papalexopoulos is an architect and graduate MSc student at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, UK. He graduated from the School of Architecture of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2013.

Georgios Adamopoulos is an undergraduate student at the School of Architecture, NTUA. In his master thesis project (pending), he is exploring the conjugation of computational media and personal subconscious expression, the contemporary role of experts within the digital commons culture, and the possible transformations of the process of participatory design through the coupling of digital mediation tools and natural dialogue.

Katerina Bali is a registered architect in Greece. She holds a diploma in Architectural Engineering (NTUA, 2012) and is currently pursuing an MSc in Design, Space, Culture (NTUA). Her interests are related to the new technology tools and their implementation in architecture, focusing on the process of design.

Eirini Vouliouri is a PhD candidate at the NTUA School of Architecture, exploring the field of interaction design applied into digital fabrication processes.

Charalampos Triantos is a PhD candidate at the NTUA School of Architecture, researching on the potential use of open source platforms and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hardware in architectural design and digital fabrication.


S. Mavrommati, A. Chani, E. Antonopoulou, V. Papalexopoulos, G. Adamopoulos, K. Bali, E. Vouliouri, Ch. Triantos