The Free University is a pedagogical space where the logic of horizontal distribution of knowledge prevails. It is structured in biennial educational cycles that consist by public seminars, practical workshops and actions in the urban environment.

The Free University wants first to save the education from the experts, remove the disciplinary boundaries and offers educational models that have a strong value in terms of social and political sense but also radically anti-hierarchical, anti-authoritarian and revolutionary. At the Free University regain the knowledge means reconsider its nature: knowledge is not an object to obtain, a product to be consumed, a packet of information to be processed, but rather a relationship with the world and the people. We think that it cannot be possible to achieve a popular culture with the forced enrolment in a specialized institution, but only by mobilizing the entire population. Today the right, equal for all, to make use of the ability to teach and learn is accessible just to licensed teachers.
Real life and knowledge are not two separate and distant worlds, as opposed, we learn especially when we are doing what we choose to do, when we sink into the experience and reflect on what is around us and involves us directly, we learn from the world and not acquiring information about it.

IRA-C, an organized workgroup for interactive research in the field of architecture in critical contexts, was set up in Milan in September 2009. The group aims to develop new urban and social strategies and elaborate ideas by using a transversal mix of skills and know-how that is able to create close contacts between science and society in order to find practical solutions to real problems.


Ira-C Team