At the turn of the twenty-first century, human activity is changing the world faster than ever before. The former limits between designer, manufacturer and consumer are being blurred by the access to digital tools and network communication. However, the democratic promise brought by the networked culture, custom design and distributed fabrication surpassing mass production model, seems to be still embedded within the logics of capitalist consumerism. That’s the reason why Adhocracy is more than an exhibition, a research process open to everyone with the will to use design as a powerful critical tool.

id title author
005 The Reboots Alessandro Fonte
015 Potlatch Fosbury Architecture
016 Po.In-Inc. Eftihis Efthimiou, Elisavet Antapassi, Christina Antzoulatou
017 Visual March to Nowhere (or ‘Arintagas’) Nadia Hatzimitraga
018 Ethical Things Matthieu Cherubini
, Simone Rebaudengo
019 DRM Chair Thibault Brevet
021 Metadata+ Josh Begley
022 The Liberator 3D Printer Gun Defense Distribuited
023 Kickended Silvio Lorusso
025 Emancipati Orkan Telhan
029 Autoprogettazione Enzo Mari
030 Technology is the Answer Hans Ulrich Obrist, Lorenza Baroncelli
031 Collective Dictionary Campus in Camps
032 Free University IRA-C Interaction, Research & Architecture in Crisis Context
034 Self-Fashioning Escape Objects Maria Papanikolaou
035 The Homeless Vehicle Krzysztof Wodiczko
036 Nidar—Without Fear Mahafrin Rustomjee
037 The Volume Economy Vicky Katrin Kuhlmann
044 Conversion+ SMALL—Soft Metropolitan Architecture & Landscape Lab
045 Improvised City Errands Group
047 Temple of Holy Shit Collective Disaster
048 Emergency Commons Maritina Koutsoukou
050 Friction Atlas La Jetée (Paolo Patelli, Giuditta Vendrame)
F01 Under the Umbrella MAP Office
F02 Suujin Maintenance Club RAD
F03 Sí Se Puede Pau Faus
F04 Romania Enterprise #norma (Maria Draghici, Ioana Paun, Andra Popescu)