HUM[erus] is a personal, digital fabrication tool. It is a low-cost, portable robotic arm, with changing head tools, capable of performing multitask digitally supported processes, such as 3d printing, drawing and gripping. It measures approximately 10x10x40 cm and, as a robotic arm, it offers a considerably big corresponding workspace volume (40x40x30 cm), especially when compared to its small size.

HUM[erus] combines the possibilities of today’s low-cost desktop 3d printers, with the multiple functionalities of professional—but rather unaffordable—robotic arms. It aims to serve as a personal, everyday tool for architects and designers, who will be able of using it in ad hoc design activities, by producing working models easily and in a cost-effective way. Moreover, researchers and hobbyists from different fields are also very welcome to explore the potentialities of this robotic arm and in this way contribute to the DIY possibilities of the Maker Movement.


Archoff (Charalampos Triantos, Eirini Vouliouri, Katerina Bali) is a creative team, active in the field of architecture and digital fabrication, practicing in Greece. Its main project is HUM[erus] robotic arm, a personal digital fabrication tool, which has been conceived in the perspective of ‘hacking’ and ‘opening’ the scientific knowledge that now accommodates in heavy industry artifacts.


01(TM)Mechatronics Ltd (Engined), National Technical University of Athens—School of Architecture and FabLab Athens, Prof. Dimitris Papalexopoulos, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of NTUA (Supported)