Kickended is an archive of Kickstarter’s $0-pledged campaigns. It is the place where campaigns with no backers live a second life. Free from the pressure of money raising, these retain the purity of abstract ideas. Kickended uses data from by Walter Haas. Kickended itself can be seen as a failed attempt to get money: the project was one of the finalists of the Internet Art Microgrants competition held by Rhizome but in the end it didn’t go through.

Writing for the Financial Times, Tim Harford claimed that “Kickended performs an important service. It reminds us that what we see around us is not representative of the world; it is biased in systematic ways. Normally, when we talk of bias we think of a conscious ideological slant. But many biases are simple and unconscious. I have never read a media report or blog post about a typical, representative Kickstarter campaign -but I heard a lot about the Pebble watch, the Coolest cooler and potato salad. If I didn’t know better, I might form unrealistic expectations about what running a Kickstarter campaign might achieve”

Silvio Lorusso is an Italian artist, designer and researcher. His ongoing PhD research in Design Sciences at Iuav University of Venice is focused on experimental publishing informed by digital technology. He regularly collaborates with the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam. After receiving his MA in Visual and Multimedia Communications in 2011, he spent a period of study at the Networked Media course of the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. From 2012 to 2014, he was a member of the Digital Publishing Toolkit Consortium. He took part in exhibitions and events such as Transmediale (Berlin, Germany), Impakt (Utrecht, Netherlands), Off the Press (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Fahrenheit39 (Ravenna, Italy). His writing has appeared in Metropolis M, Progetto Grafico, and Doppiozero. Since 2013, he manages the Post-Digital Publishing Archive (