During the workshop participants will learn how to build a camera with recycled material. Everyone can discover how photography really works, with no need to buy a camera, but just trying to build an own self-made DIY. There will be a demonstration on how to shoot and develop pictures in the darkroom, and participants will be invited to give a try, to learn how to shoot and develop their own analog pictures.

The shape of the camera influences the light flow and gives special effects to the resulting pictures. With the help of officina Gisto, participants will focus more on the construction of new camera forms using material found in Athens in recycling sites but also with more contemporary techniques such as digital fabrications methods and using professional design tools.

The cameras constructed will remain on display for the whole duration of Adhocracy Exhibition, while the workshop will take place before the opening.

Pinhocchio organises workshops, exhibitions and events linked to pinhole photography. The working method is based on fun, self-production and recycling. Laura Fiorio is the founder of Pinhocchio and she has been experimenting with pinhole photography since 2008, while working as architecture and landscape photography in Berlin. Manuel Costantini is co-founder of Pinhocchio.

Officina Gisto is a research project mixing theory and practice through workshops and projects, facing objects and processes self-production adopting different approaches, from elementary and primitive, to visionary and technological ones; it faces also the machine/tool theme both with functional aim, as a mechanism, a productive process, a prosthesis, but also as a tool of wonder and aesthetics.


Alessandro Mason (Officina Gisto)


Germany, Italy