By its own nature, Adhocracy is a ludic philosophy that can thrive on fun processes. Working with others implies interaction, exchange, friction, and fun. But having fun is something serious. Because changing the system, by changing the way we value, produce and distribute things, and the way we interact and affect the environment is a task to be taken earnestly. It’s time to recall John Huizinga when he wrote, “It seems to me that next to Homo Faber, and perhaps on the same level as Homo Sapiens, Homo Ludens, Man the Player, deserves a place in our nomenclature.”

id title author
002 Crea.tu Eduard Tió
004 The Ad-hoc Machine Felix Thorn
006 Tele Coffee Grinder Maura Lazari
009 Pinhocchio Laura Fiorio (Pinhocchio)
011 Paper Electronic Modules Coralie Gourguechon
016 Po.In-Inc. Eftihis Efthimiou, Elisavet Antapassi, Christina Antzoulatou
026 Divergence Afroditi Psarra
027 Souzy Tros Art Canteen: The Embassy Maria Papadimitriou, Yorgos Rimenidis, Ilias Karniaris
030 Technology is the Answer Hans Ulrich Obrist, Lorenza Baroncelli
034 Self-Fashioning Escape Objects Maria Papanikolaou
038 The Character of Bread Louisa Zahareas
042 #OccupyGezi Architecture Architecture for All
044 Conversion+ SMALL—Soft Metropolitan Architecture & Landscape Lab
050 Friction Atlas La Jetée (Paolo Patelli, Giuditta Vendrame)