Paper Electronic Modules is a prospective project that aims to simplify and open the production of electronic devices by creating a library of open-source printable components. Using dedicated software, the user could translate conventional circuits into a printable pattern that would become an electronic device through the use of conductive ink, and addition of components. On the back page, the modules become coloured patterns that represent the functions graphically and can be used as guides when cutting out the volumes.

This project speculates on the development of the field of printed and flexible electronics, and the potential for creating local fabrication and reparation hubs for electronics. It also aims to break through the problems generated by the close access and understanding of electronics, known as “black boxes”, by building the form and technique simultaneously. This process creates a “white box” out of the blank page: the object no longer cover the circuit, the circuit becomes the object. These white boxes, as opposed to black boxes, allow internal operations to be visible and accessible.

I’m a designer interested in technology and challenges for the future. I work as a product and interaction designer in Fabrica, Italy.


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