Selected projects

In this exhibition you will find a wide range of projects showing the path from making objects to making the commons. From an Arduino printer that constantly updates its contents from Wikipedia; to a modular construction model where everybody can contribute with parts, components and structures. Coupled with the promising uses of digital fabrication tools we will find devices to harvest solar energy and recharge electric bicycles; collective experiences of bottom-up reuse of abandoned urban landscapes and a “coming community” built from a collective imaginary through everyday life practices.

id title author
001 Open Source Architecture Manifesto Carlo Ratti Associati
002 Crea.tu Eduard Tió
003 Wobo John Habraken
004 The Ad-hoc Machine Felix Thorn
005 The Reboots Alessandro Fonte
006 Tele Coffee Grinder Maura Lazari
007 Programming Objects Hacking Households
008 OpenStructures Thomas Lommée
009 Pinhocchio Laura Fiorio (Pinhocchio)
010 Eindh Made—0 Miles Production Andrea de Chirico
011 Paper Electronic Modules Coralie Gourguechon
012 Parametric Standardization Kirschner3D and Jesse Howard
013 of Instruments and Archetypes Unfold, Kirschner3d in collaboration with Penny Webb
014 Native Products Papairlines (Vasso Asfi, Costas Bissas, Loukas Angelou)
015 Potlatch Fosbury Architecture
016 Po.In-Inc. Eftihis Efthimiou, Elisavet Antapassi, Christina Antzoulatou
017 Visual March to Nowhere (or ‘Arintagas’) Nadia Hatzimitraga
018 Ethical Things Matthieu Cherubini
, Simone Rebaudengo
019 DRM Chair Thibault Brevet
020 Speak Salone Architectural Field Office
021 Metadata+ Josh Begley
022 The Liberator 3D Printer Gun Defense Distribuited
023 Kickended Silvio Lorusso
024 HUM[erus] Archoff
025 Emancipati Orkan Telhan
026 Divergence Afroditi Psarra
027 Souzy Tros Art Canteen: The Embassy Maria Papadimitriou, Yorgos Rimenidis, Ilias Karniaris
028 Opendesk James Arthur, Ian Bennink, Tim Carrigan, Nick Ierodiaconou, Joni Steiner
029 Autoprogettazione Enzo Mari
030 Technology is the Answer Hans Ulrich Obrist, Lorenza Baroncelli
031 Collective Dictionary Campus in Camps
032 Free University IRA-C Interaction, Research & Architecture in Crisis Context
033 The Summer School for Applied Autonomy Valentina Karga
034 Self-Fashioning Escape Objects Maria Papanikolaou
035 The Homeless Vehicle Krzysztof Wodiczko
036 Nidar—Without Fear Mahafrin Rustomjee
037 The Volume Economy Vicky Katrin Kuhlmann
038 The Character of Bread Louisa Zahareas
039 AKTINA* City Index Lab & Energize
040 FabAthens D. Papalexopoulos
041 Crafting Neightbourhoods Sevgi Ortac, Asli Kiyak
042 #OccupyGezi Architecture Architecture for All
043 Aigaleon 639 AREA—Architecture Research Athens
044 Conversion+ SMALL—Soft Metropolitan Architecture & Landscape Lab
045 Improvised City Errands Group
046 Sleeping Area Antonas Office
047 Temple of Holy Shit Collective Disaster
048 Emergency Commons Maritina Koutsoukou
049 Traces of Commerce Haris Biskos, Martha Giannakopoulou, Clelia Thermou
050 Friction Atlas La Jetée (Paolo Patelli, Giuditta Vendrame)
F01 Under the Umbrella MAP Office
F02 Suujin Maintenance Club RAD
F03 Sí Se Puede Pau Faus
F04 Romania Enterprise #norma (Maria Draghici, Ioana Paun, Andra Popescu)