Design in the 21st Century is collaborative and interdisciplinary. The DIY approach has its roots on the 60s and 70s movements, related with their concerns about ecology and alternative education. Nowadays, it has evolved into a collective concept DIWO (Do-It-With-Others).

id title author
002 Crea.tu Eduard Tió
003 Wobo John Habraken
005 The Reboots Alessandro Fonte
006 Tele Coffee Grinder Maura Lazari
007 Programming Objects Hacking Households
008 OpenStructures Thomas Lommée
009 Pinhocchio Laura Fiorio (Pinhocchio)
010 Eindh Made—0 Miles Production Andrea de Chirico
011 Paper Electronic Modules Coralie Gourguechon
012 Parametric Standardization Kirschner3D and Jesse Howard
013 of Instruments and Archetypes Unfold, Kirschner3d in collaboration with Penny Webb
014 Native Products Papairlines (Vasso Asfi, Costas Bissas, Loukas Angelou)
017 Visual March to Nowhere (or ‘Arintagas’) Nadia Hatzimitraga
022 The Liberator 3D Printer Gun Defense Distribuited
024 HUM[erus] Archoff
026 Divergence Afroditi Psarra
028 Opendesk James Arthur, Ian Bennink, Tim Carrigan, Nick Ierodiaconou, Joni Steiner
029 Autoprogettazione Enzo Mari
038 The Character of Bread Louisa Zahareas
040 FabAthens D. Papalexopoulos
041 Crafting Neightbourhoods Sevgi Ortac, Asli Kiyak
F03 Sí Se Puede Pau Faus