Onassis Cultural Centre is located close to Athens city center and is easily accessible from the airport by metro, bus or car.

Take bus or trolley-bus and get off at ‘Panteion’. If you are heading downtown, the bus/trolley stop is just 10 metres from the entrance to the OCC. If you are coming from the city centre or the Syngrou-Fix Metro station, use the pedestrian underpass in front of Panteion University to cross over to the other side of Syngrou Avenue.

Take the ‘red line’ (Line 2: Anthoupoli - Elliniko | red line) and get off at ‘Syngrou-Fix’. Follow the signs to “Exit to Syngrou/Drakou” and you will emerge on Syngrou Avenue. From there, you can either take a bus or trolley-bus from the stop in front of the Metro escalators on Syngrou Avenue and get off four stops later at ‘Panteion’; if you are not in a hurry, it is a 12-minute walk down Syngrou Avenue to Panteion University, where you can use the pedestrian underpass to cross over to the other side of Syngrou Avenue

Parking in the densely populated area around the OCC might be a problem, especially at night or during the weekend. The OCC has underground parking facilities for roughly 200 cars. Every level has designated places for people with mobility problems near the elevators. A new e-parking service is now available at the OCC. Book your parking spot online (http://ow.ly/M8WKC) from the comfort of your own home and save time.

There is a free shuttle bus service connecting the Onassis Cultural Centre and the SYNGROU-FIX Metro Station. With frequent transportations (every 10 minutes), the shuttle bus service will be available only on dates of performances at the Main Stage (20:30) or Upper Stage (21:00) of the OCC. At the front of the bus vehicle there will be a laminated sign of the Onassis Cultural Centre logo. The shuttle bus will be located at SYNGROU-FIX Metro Station adjacent to the preserved section of FIX old building at the beginning of SYNGROU Avenue. The shuttle bus service starts at 19:30 and keeps on until 20:20 (for the performances at the Main Stage) or until 20:50 (for the performances at the Upper Stage). The shuttle bus service from the OCC to SYNGROU-FIX Metro Station starts right after the end of the performances and keeps on until all passengers are transferred.